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Open Cobalt



ELBE ==== ELBE is the 'E.mbedded L.inux B.uild E.nvironment'. It can be used to build embedded Linux Rootfilesystems based on Debian packages. ELBE runs on Debian Linux...

openerp brazil

OpenERP Brazil Team dedicated to to discuss and generate products for brazilian localization.


Teen book discussion forum.

Minecraft Worlds Forums

The official forums for Minecraft Worlds



Welcome to the Forum.


Don't be hasty.



Naijatechguy Forum

Discuss all topics related to tech and education here on Disclaimer : will not be held responsible for actions of users on this forum. Please Note that this is...



A solution to your every query....


TheKingdomsMC Forum

We're going to stick with this forum for now. I will get a new one for the new website, and I may get a new one for this temp site as well.

Foro fotográfico de Ortzadar Ordizia


MediaWiki announcements and site admin list This is a multilingual list for help/support with running/configuring MediaWiki. It is intended for people who are running wikis with the MediaWiki...


Samsung Galaxy Y Forum


The list is meant for discussion about - i.e. the services that are provided here for the Trac community. Use it to suggest new features, discuss ways to improve the website, report...

Open English Bible

Mailing List Options Click "Options > Subscribe via email" to subscribe to this mailing list; Click "Options > Post by email..." to get the email address of this mailing list; You can post...


Myro Python Library for using IPRE robots in computer science courses.


Valutát eladni vagy venni szándékozók fóruma. Itt találnak egymásra azok akik a legalacsonyabb áron akarnak venni és azok, akik a legmagasabb áron akarnak eladni. Itt mindenki jól jár! Nézd meg a...

Ben 10 Forum

Opencast ES

Forum de la comunidad Opencast en Castellano.

Middle School: 7th Grade

This forum features projects completed by 7th graders participating in the "As If I Experienced It Myself" global learning project. If you are posting a new project, please follow these simple...

TKD Focus Spartans

Our very own forum!! Post, read.... have fun!!

Wish Ambassadors

A place to share ideas

Kea Users

Kea is an open source project from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC). This list is for discussion about installing and managing the Kea software suite for DHCP. For development discussion, use the...

CoaX Users

Mailing list & Forum for the CoaX micro-helicopter Users The CoaX is a micro-helicopter developed and distributed by Skybotix AG Mailing list options ( more info ) - Click "Options > Subscribe...

Historical Advertising (Bangor, North Wales)



To discuss the design and development of the FeedHenry project.

Bear Bros private chat and share.

Just whatever.

General Assembly, ENG 241, Spring 2010

Your Work Here

Foro SLU


Online shopping for Tents Sports Outdoors @Tentsbuy


General list for the cross platform toolkit MSEide+MSEgui


An unofficial & read-only archive of the SPM discussion list since 2017-11-25 Please visit the official archive for the full archive of the SPM discussion list.

Internet e Architetture di Rete

Questo strumento e' a disposizione per confrontarsi sugli argomenti trattati durante le conversazioni in aula. Puo' essere usato da chiunque abbia interesse ad approfondire la materia.

LilyPond's support for tablatures

Saudi Arabia Jobs


Aussie dogging forum for real doggers Forum Rules: - 18+ only. - Post in English - No spamming or promoting of services unless permitted - No flaming or badgering - No trolling or harassing...

Cañoneros C.F.

Awesome Training Forum

Carrying on the awesome community from, this is a place for members to chat training, ask questions, get answers, and keep themselves accountable with a workout...

Social Work and Social Issues

This group provides sources of information about social issues, social work, social administration, public assistance, the social net and more and includes discussion of issues, resource listings,...

Forum Remenallibres

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