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Moto Club de la Croisière - Cernay

Jual Obat Kuat

TYPO3 project rte

discussion about RTE implementations in TYPO3

2011-12 Western Civ Discussion Forum


JGAP is a genetic algorithms package written in Java. It is designed to require minimum effort to use "out of the box", but is also designed to be highly modular. JGAP is able to be extended...


IT Kolledži kursuse "IT eetilised, sotsiaalsed ja professionaalsed aspektid" 2012. aasta sügissemestri kaugõppe foorum

Developers and admins of StatusNet

This Nabble archive of the list began on 2009-11-21. A archive of the list began on 2009-09-15.

Shire of Forth Castle

Foro Zone Btt


Pipmak ( is an open-source cross-platform game engine and authoring environment for point-and-click adventure games. This is a web interface for the Pipmak mailing...

Cocaine Anonymous Forum

Post Cocaine Anonymous Thoughts and Replies.

Killing Our Darlings

Foro del edificio Artillería

Foro del edificio Artillería

PostiBoard Forum

SmartFuel Client Communications

All communications with clients that may need to followed up at a later date. Like a client saying let me know when you have eFuel as I will take the upgrade then. Success Stories and major issues...

Latest mp3 song


- deleted -


Silent Hill Rebirth Development Forum

Everything concerning this project can be found here Submissions must be placed at "Requirement Material Submissions" sub-forum please, under the respective section


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Build-A-Bear World

A World Stuffed With Fun!!

Wow Halloween Site

=!Wow Halloween Site

The Forum! :)

A g- rated uber cool discussion forum! :) The official web-community for Provided by site. </


Vorlesungen im Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik der Hochschule Karlsruhe

Club Triatló Consell

Este es el foro del Club Triatló Consell de Mallorca. Abierto y pensado para tod@s los Triatletas y amigos del club

Market Research Reports

Acute Market Reports is the most sufficient collection of market intelligence services online. It is your only source that can fulfill all your market research requirements.

Cafe Blue

Good books, good coffee, and good company

Kalanggaman Island Forums

Online People United

Do you like to communicate with people who share your interests? Please feel free to join, post and discuss the posts ! After Registration you can request your own Channel if you wish one,...

Ambassador Links for Roblox!

I'm an ambassador here to spread the word about ROBLOX

udig-devel -- User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS

Discussion about the design and implementation of "uDig", the "user-friendly desktop internet GIS". uDig binds together the many server-side data sources available (WMS, WFS, database) with client...

52°North - Gsoc Forum

school stuff

slick tagline still to come ...

Taz Racing

A Drag Racing Team with a difference


Discussion of the Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL)

The Ancient World

Buildr Users

For developers working with Buildr

Wambatech Links Repository

All of the URLs as we need them collected in a central repository

nPOPuk Forum

La Historia en debate

Repensar la Historia


HTML-FormFu is a perl web-form framework, which is simple to get started with, yet flexible and powerful enough to keep going once things get difficult. Describe a form using a simple config file...



MODELAGEM ESTATÍSTICA EM ECOLOGIA E RECURSOS NATURAIS Fórum de discussão da disciplina BIE5781 , do Curso de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia da Universidade de São Paulo INSTRUÇÕES:...


Welcome to Twincling Open Source technologies discussion mailing list. Indicative topics of discussion. BSD kernel, OpenSolaris kernel, linux kernel BSD device drivers,...

JarabulloBike MTB Foro

Comentarios y discusión entre los que aman salir al monte en bici con amigos, sobre todo los del sur de Pontevedra.

Swordphin123 Productions

Post things about the group.

`i come to talk story, needs you to help us reach all and make a difference..

Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self develop,`shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts, while working collectively at one's local...

Monster Menus

This is the mailing list for the Monster Menus project. Monster Menus is a Drupal module that provides for scalable hierarchical permissions of the sort required by college and university sites where...


Pyjamas: Python Web Widget Set and python-to-javascript compiler

pyjamasdev is Pyjamas' user and developer mailing list.
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