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ELBE ==== ELBE is the 'E.mbedded L.inux B.uild E.nvironment'. It can be used to build embedded Linux Rootfilesystems based on Debian packages. ELBE runs on Debian Linux...

Online People United

Do you like to communicate with people who share your interests? Please feel free to join, post and discuss the posts ! After Registration you can request your own Channel if you wish one,...

The Ancient World

udig-devel -- User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS

Discussion about the design and implementation of "uDig", the "user-friendly desktop internet GIS". uDig binds together the many server-side data sources available (WMS, WFS, database) with client...


MediaWiki announcements and site admin list This is a multilingual list for help/support with running/configuring MediaWiki. It is intended for people who are running wikis with the MediaWiki...

school stuff

slick tagline still to come ...

Taz Racing

A Drag Racing Team with a difference


Discussion of the Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL)

Buildr Users

For developers working with Buildr

nPOPuk Forum

La Historia en debate

Repensar la Historia

Derechos Humanos

`i come to talk story, needs you to help us reach all and make a difference..

Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self-develop,`shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts while working collectively at one's local `plan,...



MODELAGEM ESTATÍSTICA EM ECOLOGIA E RECURSOS NATURAIS Fórum de discussão da disciplina BIE5781 , do Curso de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia da Universidade de São Paulo INSTRUÇÕES:...


Welcome to Twincling Open Source technologies discussion mailing list. Indicative topics of discussion. BSD kernel, OpenSolaris kernel, linux kernel BSD device drivers,...

JarabulloBike MTB Foro

Comentarios y discusión entre los que aman salir al monte en bici con amigos, sobre todo los del sur de Pontevedra.

Swordphin123 Productions

Post things about the group.

Monster Menus

This is the mailing list for the Monster Menus project. Monster Menus is a Drupal module that provides for scalable hierarchical permissions of the sort required by college and university sites where...


Pyjamas: Python Web Widget Set and python-to-javascript compiler

pyjamasdev is Pyjamas' user and developer mailing list.

Open Cobalt


openerp brazil

OpenERP Brazil Team dedicated to to discuss and generate products for brazilian localization.


Teen book discussion forum.

Minecraft Worlds Forums

The official forums for Minecraft Worlds



Welcome to the Forum.


Don't be hasty.


General list for the cross platform toolkit MSEide+MSEgui



Naijatechguy Forum

Discuss all topics related to tech and education here on Disclaimer : will not be held responsible for actions of users on this forum. Please Note that this is...



A solution to your every query....


TheKingdomsMC Forum

We're going to stick with this forum for now. I will get a new one for the new website, and I may get a new one for this temp site as well.

Kea Users

Kea is an open source project from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC). This list is for discussion about installing and managing the Kea software suite for DHCP. For development discussion, use the...


Samsung Galaxy Y Forum


The list is meant for discussion about - i.e. the services that are provided here for the Trac community. Use it to suggest new features, discuss ways to improve the website, report...

Open English Bible

Mailing List Options Click "Options > Subscribe via email" to subscribe to this mailing list; Click "Options > Post by email..." to get the email address of this mailing list; You can post...


Myro Python Library for using IPRE robots in computer science courses.

Awesome Training Forum

Carrying on the awesome community from, this is a place for members to chat training, ask questions, get answers, and keep themselves accountable with a workout...


Valutát eladni vagy venni szándékozók fóruma. Itt találnak egymásra azok akik a legalacsonyabb áron akarnak venni és azok, akik a legmagasabb áron akarnak eladni. Itt mindenki jól jár! Nézd meg a...

Ben 10 Forum

Opencast ES

Forum de la comunidad Opencast en Castellano.

Middle School: 7th Grade

This forum features projects completed by 7th graders participating in the "As If I Experienced It Myself" global learning project. If you are posting a new project, please follow these simple...

Foro SLU

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