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The Eiffel programming language. Eiffel home is here .

Generic Model Organism System Database

This project is to develop a set of software modules to be used to develop a generic model organism system database. Such databases contain information about the genomes and biology of laboratory...


How do you feel about Stargate Universe?


Discussion about Shotwell , an open source photo organizer for GNOME.

NeatUpload Help

You've read the manual, and searched the forums, and can't figure out how to do something? Start a new topic in this forum.

Forum iPhone Albania

Komuniteti i parë shqiptar i dedikuar botës Apple


Downtown Walla Walla News

Here's the latest about businesses, events and happenings in downtown Walla Walla. To subscribe to our email list, simply fill in your information below.

Forum de hipnosis

Para poder ser miembro de la lista es necesario ser socio de la AAHEA o bien cumplir con ciertos requisitos. Más información en:

LilyPond Frogs

Welcome to the Frogs list! GNU LilyPond is a free music notation software that is both powerful and easy to learn. Although the project is maintained by a few core developers, we welcome any...

Talking Walking Dead - Fan Forums

Kidbrooke Forum

Forum Patoumonde

My Weebly Tricks Forum

A community based forum for Weebly users and Weebly itself. Post questions or answer them if you feel you know. This is a friendly site to solve queries regarding Weebly. This forum, however, has no...

QMidi Forum

Free Stuff & Contests is the #1 stop shop where you will find all the best freebies and Contests available on the web right in one place. Read more:


Conexão Professor

Core CMS

A forum to discuss Core CMS. Give each other support and feedback!


Haxball-920 A brand new league with new teams.

Fórum Geltec


Great online forum for money making discussion, investment, hyips, forex, finance, business, affiliates and more ADVERT PLACEMENT: IF YOU LIKE TO ADD YOUR BANNER OR TEXT ADS ON THIS FORUM AND...

Anchor Modeling

A modern agile database modeling technique

Did I Stutter?

Teknologi N Informasi

Forum ini Hanya Untuk Kalangan Mahasiswa Dcc Bandar Lampung Saja dan di buat untuk di gunakan bersama agar kita dapat saling berbagi satu dengan yang lainnya

delainceput forum. A place for suggestions, help and feedback.


- deleted -

South Indian Masala

Indian hot pictures spicy galleries

Farmacia Torres

Oldtimer Caravan Club




OpenCPN ayuda en español

Foro para colaborar en hacer unas instrucciones de uso del programa de navegación y cartografía náutica OpenCPN en español. Visite

Leituras Feministas

Fórum de debate das e dos participantes do grupo de estudos online Leituras Feministas.

DIễn Đàn Namkna


Kết bạn Gay, Giao lưu Gay, Làm Quen Gay

Maroc comptabilité

forum de comptabilité fiscalité juridique

Nazrul Geeti Lyrics


 Foro Facebook en español .Aqui puedes preguntar por tutoriales en español,trucos,tips,aplicaciones facebook,paginas facebook,pet society,farmville,amigos y mucho mas.Puedes agregar tus trucos...

Вологодская охота


Broughton Angling Club

Broughton Angling Club forum to discuss all things club and fishing related.



Cannot find plugin descriptor in plugin directory

I just imported an existing Grails 1.2.2 from Git. When I try running the app from either the command line or IntelliJ, I get the following exception: Error executing script RunApp: Cannot find...

Cod's Blog

Updates and Insights from Cody M Sommer

Openmoko Public Mailinglists

Apache Incubator - General


The Aries project will deliver a set of pluggable Java components enabling an enterprise OSGi application programming model.
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