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A Help Forum for TEACHERS of Basic Shiksha Parishad | मास्साब की मदद-शाला

प्राइमरी का मास्टर का आपसी चर्चा और मदद केंद्र

Museum of Vintage V-RROOM! - Collectible Mattel Toys

Welcome to the Museum of Vintage V-RROOM! This site is a place for owners of vintage Mattel Bicycles including the Mattel Stallion, Mattel Bronco and other V-RROOM bikes and trikes to share...

AC-Arcana Community

This is a community building forum for users of apps created by AC-Arcana


SquirrelMail is a PHP4-based Web email client. It includes built-in pure PHP support for IMAP and SMTP, and renders all pages in pure HTML 4.0 for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has strong...

SIP Router

The SIP Router Project is the common development framework for projects related to SIP Express Router (aka SER) , referred further as x-SER projects. The projects that joined the initiative so far...


Freely ask any questions about any Indian competitive exams like mpsc, upsc, banks recruitment, wipro, railways, etc.Visit our website to download study material .स्पर्धा परीक्षे संबंधी सर्व माहिती...


nongnu home is here .

Protege Project

WebProtégé and Protégé Desktop are free, open-source ontology editors.

Navy Seawolves

This forum is for the posting of SEAWOLF related questions, SEAWOLF fellowship and general good natured exchanges of information or humor. Subjects meant to discord, including those of a political...

Triumph Trophy

Intended for owners, riders, and enthusiasts of the Trophy 900 and 1200 models (and common-component models such as the Trident and Pre-99 Sprint), for sharing modifications, maintenance, accessories,...

dotCMS Users Group

A community driven mailing list/forum for the dotCMS system. Responses to questions are generally helpful and timely.


FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. FreeDOS home is here .


SWIG is compiler that connects C and C++ with a variety of scripting languages including Perl, Python, Tcl, Guile, and Ruby. People often use it to create scripting language extensions or to create...

Bansuri Flute Forum

Learn about the bansuri flute. Please visit or Ask any questions you have about the bansuri flute here


The Mojo project is a collection of plugins for Apache Maven 2 & 3.

Post-bacc RA Opportunities

Please use this forum only to post brief ads for RA positions. Please include location, duration, basic responsibilities, and how interested readers should contact you.

Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine Forum

Hello! Please feel free to use this forum however it can best suit your needs. We are happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability. We have decided to publish a list of frequently asked...

พูดคุย สนทนา แลกเปลี่ยนเรียนรู้เรื่องราวจิ้งหรีด

ขอเชิญสอบถามปัญหาและร่วมแชร์ประสบการณ์ต่างๆ เกี่ยวกับจิ้งหรีด เพื่อการพัฒนาวงการเลี้ยงจิ้งหรีดโดยเกษตรกรไทยให้ก้าวหน้าและมีองค์ความรู้ที่แท้จริง Photo Gallery

Collection of photographs - Malayan Railway in Malaysia Visit Blog or Visit malayarailway Rail Forum


QuantLib is a free/open-source library for quantitative finance.

AgapornisItalia Forum-HOME

Forum di discussione

The BMBW Forum

GVM Forum

A discussion forum for Groovy enVironment Manager.

VLC (VideoLAN)

Mailing list for users of the VideoLAN (VLC) media player. VLC is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs,...


The Fedora Project is a collection of projects sponsored by Red Hat , and developed as a partnership between the open source community and Red Hat engineers. The goal of Fedora? The rapid progress of...


The SniPerJum Clan

Making Security Measurable

MITRE, in collaboration with government, industry, and academic stakeholders, is improving the measurability of security through enumerating baseline security data, providing standardized languages as...


Mailing list for Mercurial : a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects. Mercurial is similar to git, monotone and Bazaare...

Restlet Discuss

Forum dedicated to discussions between Restlet users, as well as discussions between users and developers.

Storky Knight's Roy of the Rovers Forum You don't have to register in order to post. Please join in the discussions... If you don't like the ads and are using Google Chrome, download the...

Apache Flex Development

This mailing list is geared towards users working on the SDK or related utilities. Everybody is welcome but the discussion is of a high-level. If you want to ask the developers questions about the...


Venado Revit

Foro de comunicación de Venado Revit, dedicado al aprendizaje de Revit Architecture 2011.


Bienvenue sur le forum du Marmot'Gold

Dette er diskusjonsforumet for Her ønsker vi å utveksle erfaringer omkring avgiftning av kvikksølv, spesielt erfaringer omkring bruken av DMSA, ALA og koriander.


Welcome to Bengali adda


Quartz is a full-featured, open source job scheduling service that can be integrated with, or used along side virtually any Java application - from the smallest stand-alone application to the largest...


Purple Heart Medals for Traumatic Brain Injury

Hello! Did you or a loved one suffer a TBI while deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan? Did you receive a Purple Heart medal? Please share your stories with us and each other. Together, we can work to...


A [R-br] é a lista Brasileira oficial de discussão do programa R e tem o propósito de permitir a troca de informações entre os usuários de R (em português). A [R-br] foi criada em 15 de Março de...


OpenESB Community Forum

OpenESB is an Open Source ESB for SOA and Integration. This forum is the place where OpenESB users, designers and developers exchange opinions, skill, advices ,questions and response on OpenESB ....


Quisk - a program for use with Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Panadapters. QUISK rhymes with "brisk", and is QSK plus a few letters to make it easier to pronounce. QSK is a Q signal...


Parent forum for the mailing list archives for Apache Qpid ™, a cross-platform Enterprise Messaging system which implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP).


This list is for discussion of TeX and all its variants under the Mac OS X operating system.

OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server)

OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server) is a mature Open Source implementation of a SIP server. OpenSIPS is more than a SIP proxy/router as it includes application-level functionalities. OpenSIPS, as a SIP server,...

Redmine Backlogs

Mailing list for the core developers of Redmine Backlogs ( Mailing List Options Click "Options > Subscribe via email" to subscribe to this mailing list; Click "Options >...

Boon Siew Honda

Recorded TV HD Forum


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