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Ici on parle de la vie du club, de foot...Aucune insulte, paroles désobligeantes ne sera toléré sur ce forum. Merci de faire vivre ce forum avec vos messages, commentaires ou anecdotes.



Broughton Angling Club

Broughton Angling Club forum to discuss all things club and fishing related.

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community 2013

Cannot find plugin descriptor in plugin directory

I just imported an existing Grails 1.2.2 from Git. When I try running the app from either the command line or IntelliJ, I get the following exception: Error executing script RunApp: Cannot find...


Cod's Blog

Updates and Insights from Cody M Sommer

Openmoko Public Mailinglists

Apache Incubator - General


The Aries project will deliver a set of pluggable Java components enabling an enterprise OSGi application programming model.


Rust is a curly-brace, block-structured expression language. It visually resembles the C language family, but differs significantly in syntactic and semantic details. Its design is oriented toward...

Free Business Advertising Forum

Free Advertising | Free Ads | Free Classifieds | Online Advertising | Online Ads | Website Advertising | Site Advertising Web Advertising | Internet Advertising | Ads Site | Business...


PEDULI KELUARGA KITA GROUP TOPIK UTAMA : keluarga, kesehatan, pengantin, ayah dan bunda, anak, terapi alami, sahabat, lelaki, wanita, sekolah, lowongan pekerjaan, informasi atau berita kehilangan,...

Songs and Memories Forum

Talk to us about most anything, especially if it is connected to the world of entertainment in any of its forms. We also are fond of Hollywood Icon, Doris Day! Forum Disclaimer: Every precaution...

Julie Andrews

友情链接:SOM论坛 幽灵在喝琴酒新建,珍珠粉们多多支持~ 论坛最新消息 2013年5月11日:欢迎LOVEJA加入本论坛! 了解详情>> 2014年6月3日:《曼迪的花园》夏·花园:第二章已上传。 了解详情>>...

JAWS for Windows

Discussion group for the Freedom Scientific product JAWS for Windows.





Cannabis, Biotech and Related stock forum For the Cannabis stock investors community Be a part of it!


Revive Derma A: Although antioxidants have the ability to feed all the organs of your body, as it reaches to your skin, should not take just anything. There are particular antioxidants that...


Προτιμούμε τη γλώσσα μας. Γράφουμε στα Ελληνικά. Όχι στα greeklish


Calico-users mailing list is used to discuss Calico, a multi-language, multi-context educational scripting environment.

Sim Hero Community

Join us in discussing Sim Hero's awesomeness!!

Shining Force III: Proyecto Español

Shadows of Tokyo

A modern fantasy based forum for text based roleplay. A world of mystery, magic and beauty, it is a world for original characters and stories. Beware, this is not entirely light and fluffy...

SINDPOL RJ - Sindicato dos Policiais Civis do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Ambiente de discussão e reflexão voltado para as questões referentes aos Policias Civis do Rio de Janeiro. Quaisquer visitantes do site poderão visualizar as mensagens de texto do fórum. Todavia,...


Tarot Buenas Videntes Españolas - Tarotistas en Madrid


Nabble developers are developing a new forum service. Please let us know what features you want.

Forum Facebooker Indonesia

Disini tempatnya facebooker buat nongkrong, asik2an, berbagi cerita, pengalaman dll. Jangan ngaku facebooker klo ga nongkrong disini.

The Gallery

Here is a collection of Kim Hyun Joo's photos from past to present. This gallery was made possible with the help of our forum friends in SOOMPI (We can't name them all~ there are a lot of them.. But...

RiversWest Forums

Aeccglobal Education

Urdu Poetry Forum

SIUE Psychology Job Postings and Other Announcements

This used to be a discussion board, but the discussions died. Now it's just an opportunity-posting board for SIUE psychology students. If someone posts something unprofessional, just reply...


อุปกรณ์ น้ำยาเคมี สีโครเมี่ยม การทำสีโครเมี่ยม วิธีพ่นโครเมี่ยม ความรู้การพ่นสีโครเมี่ยม ทุกอย่างเกี่ยวกับโครเมี่ยมต้องที่นี้


Discussion list for Nanocubes

Fórum do Dr. Driver - Especialista no assunto

Suporte, reclamações, troca de ajuda e links de drivers em geral. Use o bom senso, palavras proibidas e insultos em geral serão banidos. WWW.DOUTORDRIVER.COM


This forum is a communion for Kudumbis worldwide to share their thoughts

Visual Basic.NET

Talking About Visual Basic.NET


Mensagens alienígenas, OVNIs, espiritismo,meditação, viagens astrais, alienígenas e outros assuntos relativos.




Aranymosás-amit tudni érdemes

Minden, amit az aranymosásról tudni érdemes.


Foro para elevar propuestas, ideas, sugerencias, líneas de actuación, etc

Dangerous Penny Stock Promotions & Fraud has created this message board is for the purpose of discussing penny stock promotions and fraud only and not for the promotion of stocks. Innuendo, unfounded disparagement and...


LiV Pi Forum

LiV Pi is a sensor expansion board that turns a Raspberry Pi into an Internet connected indoor air quality monitor. LiV Pi is open source. This is a forum where members can share their experience...


Γραψε τα σχολια και οτι αλλο σε απασχολει, καποιος θα βρεθει να σου απαντησει

CF Lattice

Discussions about the Cloud Foundry Lattice project.


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